About us

Politics? What? Politiwhat?

We are a social organization that aims to promote political education and civic entrepreneurship to build a more engaged society.

We work in the development and implementation of innovative and dynamic initiatives directed to the young generation. 

We work independently, with no ties to political parties, in order to preserve the ideal of supra-partisanship, democracy and human rights.


Our activities

⇒ Panel Discussion: Thematic debates, promoted by our team, with invited personalities.

⇒ Debate-class: Discussing group with dynamic activities and original methodology, debating on demand themes.


Our team


Camilla Borges

Douglas Carias

Luiz Santos

Mariana Arcoverde

Nathalie Gazzaneo

Sueine Souza


Executive Team

João Felipe Marques - Head of Marketing

Contato: contato@projetopolitique.com.br


Lara Cunha Lima - Head of Projects

Projetos: projetos.politique@gmail.com


Raíra Cavalcanti - CEO

Institucional: diretoriaexecutiva@projetopolitique.com.br


Thales Emiliano - Head of Human Resources

Pessoas: rh.politique@gmail.com