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About us

Politiquê? (Politiwhat?) is social organization that works with a team of volunteers in the development of innovative and dynamic initiatives directed to the young generation. We aim to teach them about the universe of politics and to engender civic entrepreneurship.

We work independently, with no ties to political parties or ideological views, in order to preserve the ideal of supra-partisanship and impartiality.

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 Our mission

Politiquê? (Politiwhat?) aims to promote supra-partisan political education and civic entrepreneurship to build a more engaged society. We seek a future where the young of today will be the active citizens of tomorrow, consciously exercising their role and contributing to the development of the Brazilian society.

Our work

Our initiatives consist of projects developed by our team with specific objectives within the area of political education and civic entrepreneurship.

Our ongoing projects are:

Action at Schools: with this project, we aim to engage high school students’ interest and heighten awareness of the political arena and its relevance. This initiative reached over 2600 students at public schools and has seen outstanding results.

Develop!: as a follow-up of the Action at Schools project, this educational program was designed to provide a deeper understanding of political and social engagement, by maintaining a series of meetings with students throughout the semester and by broadening the scope of learning topics, covering themes such as citizenship, basic human rights issues and social entrepreneurship.

E-books: as we strive to transform politics into a simpler and more interesting subject to youth, we have selected a number of politics-related themes that will be addressed in an easy and hassle-free manner in our free E-books. Our first E-book covers the issue of municipal elections and discusses the technicalities of the process, but also the roles of the citizens and how they might take part in their cities’ matters.

Face-to-face and online courses: to access our more experienced audience (i. e. 18 to 25 years old), we also plan to offer a series of courses on advanced topics such as social entrepreneurship, socially sustainable development, community social innovation and so on. They will be designed to both face-to-face and online platforms.

Our team

We are a team of volunteers of diverse social backgrounds, united by the common sense of hope in the future and by the willingness to engender social change. You can learn more about our team here.

Board of Directors

Camilla Borges – Founder, President and General Manager

Débora Viégas – Head of Media and Communications

Hugo Mariz – Head of Human Resources

Mariana Arcoverde – Head of Marketing and Vice President

Rachel Duarte – Head of Research and Development